Service Guarantees and Customer Care

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO rotate your mattress occasionally to prolong the comfort and support life. Body indentations are a normal occurrence in your new mattress and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to your body’s individual contours. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with that “New Mattress Feeling” every time you turn your mattress.
  • DO give your new sleep set time to “air” upon removal from its plastic packaging. Dispose of all plastic packaging as soon as possible.
  • DO carry your mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and you’ll be less likely to damage the mattress.
  • DO keep your bedding clean. We suggest using a mattress protector, especially if children use the bed. Water-proof mattress protectors are sold by Beds From Home
  • DO replace the old foundation when purchasing a new mattress. An old foundation may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging when it is really the foundation, which supports the entire mattress.
  • DO use an appropriate frame and centre support for queen- and king-size sets. Using the right support frame will ensure that your warranty remains in effect.
  • DON’T smoke in bed. This mattress is manufactured as required by federal law to resist, but not necessarily eliminate, ignition by smouldering cigarettes.
  • DON’T let anyone stand or jump on your mattress. Do not sit on the edge of your mattress for any prolonged period of time. It was not built for that kind of weight concentration or abuse.
  • DON’T allow your mattress to get wet, because some upholstery materials may compress. Protect it from water or other liquids.
  • DON’T place a board between your mattress and foundation. Your sleep set is designed specifically to provide you with proper support, and the foundation plays an important role.
  • DON’T bend your mattress under any circumstances. Such treatment may damage the innerspring unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways, and don’t bend the corners when putting on fitted sheets.
  • DON’T remove the law tag label at the end of your mattress. This serves as a means of identification to establish your warranty rights.
  • DON’T transport a king size mattress or a pocket coil mattresses in an upright position, these mattresses must be transported on a flat surface.

Please Note

  • At all times avoid stains. Spoilage can negate the warranty. A WATER-PROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR safe guards your Guarantee.
  • Before considering the purchase of a mattress separately, please check that your base or frame is in good condition and suited to the mattress you wish to purchase. An old foundation unit may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that your mattress is sagging when the problem may be due to a non-supportive foundation.
  • For protection during transport, your new mattress or base has been sealed in plastic. This may result in a slight odour which will however disappear once the product is removed from its packaging and aired. Warning – Keep plastic away from children.
  • It is important to turn your mattress fortnightly during the first three months, and to continue monthly thereafter. Turning your mattress will ensure validation and compliance with the warranty provisions (As depicted in the pictures below)
  • No warranty will be honoured if the original invoice is not provided. This is to validate the date of purchase and the purchaser.
  • We reserve the rights to modify specifications of our product.
  • Repair or replacement of one piece does not necessarily mean the repair or replacement of the other.
  • In the event of a repair or replacement of a mattress or bed set the guarantee will not be extended, but continue from the original purchase date.
  • After 1, 2, 3 or 5 year/s (of guarantee, depending on the bed purchased). There will be a service charge for the repair of the product. This is calculated on the recommended retail price at the time of the complaint including transport costs, if any.
  • If a Beds from Home base is not purchased with the mattress, Beds from Home reserves the right to revoke any claim.
  • Should Beds from Home decide on a refund, the amount considered will include subtractions such as a service charge as well as transport cost. Refunds could take up to 21 days to complete. Only the defective product will be refunded

Not covered by warranty

  • Beds from Home reserves the right not to handle products for repair if it is marked, stained, burnt or in an unsanitary condition.
  • Comfort or firmness preferences or suitability for any specific medical conditions.
  • Mattress damage due to abuse and unsuitable foundation (if only mattress was bought).
  • Mattress or bed sets sold as “shop soiled”.
  • Normal body impressions. This is a normal occurrence in a new bed and is an indication of the filling and comfort layers settling to conform to the client’s contours and weight distribution. This is illustrated in the picture below.
  • Beds from Home will not be liable for any incidental damages resulting through the use of the bed or mattress.
  • If the client has collected the product from the store or warehouse, it is their responsibility to get the bed back to the warehouse or shop where it was collected. A collection and drop off can be arranged at a charge.
  • Beds from Home reserves the right to repair or replace at its own discretion.



Rotation for Non-Turn Mattresses and double sided mattresses

For double sided mattresses, same as above and below

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