Comfort Exchange Policy

Whilst every effort is made to find the right mattress for every customer, there may be a time when a customer is not happy with the choice they made.

Comfort Exchange Procedure

This Document must be given out with the Service Guarantee and Customer Care Document/emailed to all customers who purchase a mattress from Beds From Home.

  1. Customers must request a Comfort exchange within 7 days after receiving the mattress.
  2. Customer must be asked if he/she is aware of the policy at the time of requesting an exchange.
  3. Customer must have purchased a Mattress Protector or be using one to qualify for a Comfort Exchange. The Mattress must also be free of Stains and Dirt marks.
  4. Customer must select another mattress to the same value as the original one or one which is more in value but may not choose one which is less in value.
  5. This selection must take place between day 8 to day 14 after the mattress was received.
  6. A 15% levy based on the selling price of the existing mattress will be added to the price of the new mattress being purchased.
  7. A delivery fee back to the customer will be charged based on location of the customer’s home.
  8. Only one Comfort Exchange is allowed per customer.


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