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healthlatex coolgel-mem-pocket-apr-2017
Luxury medium feel pocket, with 100% natural latex reflex comfort layers CoolGel Memory - Premium Memory Foam infused with cool gel beads with unique temperature regulator, Individual Posture Support and Pressure point relief!! Cool & refreshing sleep surface. Best of both! The comfort of Memory foam infused with the cooling touch of gel beads. New Bedding Technology!! Individual supportive Pocket Springs combined with CoolGel Memory
Bed Set
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm WAS R14539 NOW R11629  SINGLE 91cm WAS R14499 NOW R11589
 3/4 107cm WAS R15529 NOW R12909  3/4 107cm WAS R15479 NOW R12859
 DOUBLE 137cm WAS R17779 NOW R14079  DOUBLE 137cm WAS R17719 NOW R14019
 QUEEN 152cm WAS R18629 NOW R14709  QUEEN 152cm WAS R18569 NOW R14659
 KING 183cm WAS R22499 NOW R18849  KING 183cm WAS R22499 NOW R18779
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm WAS R12659 NOW R10769  SINGLE 91cm WAS R12619 NOW R10729
 3/4 107cm WAS R14149 NOW R12019  3/4 107cm WAS R14099 NOW R11969
 DOUBLE 137cm WAS R15339 NOW R13119  DOUBLE 137cm WAS R15339 NOW R13059
 QUEEN 152cm WAS R16019 NOW R13669  QUEEN 152cm WAS R15969 NOW R13619
 KING 183cm WAS R18699 NOW R17129  KING 183cm WAS R18699 NOW R17059

natural-latex-7-zone-gf natural-latex-7-zone-mp
Medium plush feel, 7 zone natural latex core, non spring Gentle firm feel, 7 zone natural latex core, non spring
Bed Set
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm WAS R19559 NOW R15999  SINGLE 91cm WAS R17719 NOW R14789
 3/4 107cm WAS R23039 NOW R19049  3/4 107cm WAS R21299 NOW R17539
 DOUBLE 137cm WAS R30209 NOW R25179  DOUBLE 137cm WAS R26619 NOW R22159
 QUEEN 152cm WAS R30709 NOW R25759  QUEEN 152cm WAS R27059 NOW R22669
 KING 183cm WAS R33689 NOW R27449  KING 183cm WAS R30209 NOW R24419
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm WAS R17719 NOW R15139  SINGLE 91cm WAS R16349 NOW R13929
 3/4 107cm WAS R21299 NOW R18159  3/4 107cm WAS R19559 NOW R16649
 DOUBLE 137cm WAS R28369 NOW R24219  DOUBLE 137cm WAS R24889 NOW R21199
 QUEEN 152cm WAS R28839 NOW R24719  QUEEN 152cm WAS R25299 NOW R21629
 KING 183cm WAS R30209 NOW R25729  KING 183cm WAS R26619 NOW R22699

Coolgel Memory Foam- Coolflex Pressure Relieving Technology, Targeted Lumbar Support & Superior Pressure Point Relief, Temperature Correct Sleeping Technology, Dustmite Resistant Coolgel With Keep Fresh Bamboo Cotton Fabric, High Spring Count- Lumbar-Pedic Premium Core Support System, Sabs Approved- Orthopaedic Foam Support Layers
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm WAS R7289 NOW R5669
 3/4 107cm WAS R8049 NOW R6389
 DOUBLE 137cm WAS R8899 NOW R7589
 QUEEN 152cm WAS R9389 NOW R8259
 KING 183cm WAS R11999 NOW R10649
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R5679 NOW R4809
 3/4 107cm  WAS R6439 NOW R5499
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R7169 NOW R6629
 QUEEN 152cm  WAS R7779 NOW R7219
 KING 183cm  WAS R9799 NOW R8929

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