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econo hospitality
220mm mattress height, double tempered bonnel spring, with light breathable jacquard fabric finish, recommended weight 70-80kg pp max. Medium feel, ideal for kids, students and spare room, excellent value! 240mm, premium 6 turn heavy duty lumbar-pedic support spring, high spring count, medium feel with aloe vera wrap mattress finish. Recommended weight: max 100kg pp.
Bed Set
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R1999 NOW R1899  SINGLE 91cm  WAS R2799 NOW R2459
 3/4 107cm  WAS R2299 NOW R2099  3/4 107cm  WAS R2999 NOW R2779
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R2599 NOW R2499  DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R3499 NOW R3209
   QUEEN 152cm  WAS R3799 NOW R3529
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R1499 NOW R1379  SINGLE 91cm  WAS R1999 NOW R1919
 3/4 107cm  WAS R1699 NOW R1599  3/4 107cm  WAS R2399 NOW R2249
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R1999 NOW R1899  DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R2799 NOW R2669
   QUEEN 152cm  WAS R3099 NOW R2949

rose hotelier-orthopaedic
280mm, bonnel spring, medium firm feel with bamboo cotton wrap finish – 120kg pp. Multi-layered orthopaedic foam support, 2 year guarantee, 20 year warranty. 320mm, premium 6 turn heavy duty lumbar-pedic support spring, luzury medium orthopeadic support, 5 star hotel quality, dual sided high density pillowtop support. Multi-layered orthopaedic foam support layer
Bed Set
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R3999 NOW R3209  SINGLE 91cm  NOW R3739
 3/4 107cm  WAS R4599 NOW R3529  3/4 107cm  NOW R4169
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R5599 NOW R4599  DOUBLE 137cm  NOW R4709
 QUEEN 152cm  WAS R5999 NOW R4809  QUEEN 152cm  NOW R4919
 KING 183cm  WAS R7699 NOW R6419  KING 183cm  NOW R6419
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R3599 NOW R2629  SINGLE 91cm  NOW R2889
 3/4 107cm  WAS R3799 NOW R2889  3/4 107cm  NOW R3319
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R4399 NOW R3639  DOUBLE 137cm  NOW R3849
 QUEEN 152cm  WAS R4599 NOW R3739  QUEEN 152cm  NOW R4059
 KING 183cm  WAS R6799 NOW R5199  KING 183cm  NOW R5559

pocket-firm coolgel-non-turn
Euro top non-turn, 1000 premium individual pockets, pressure point relief, correct contour,  high density orthopaedic foam support, cool fresh bamboo wrap mattress finish, 130kg pp, 3 year guarantee, 20 year wty Coolgel Memory Foam- Coolflex Pressure Relieving Technology, Targeted Lumbar Support & Superior Pressure Point Relief, Temperature Correct Sleeping Technology, Dustmite Resistant Coolgel With Keep Fresh Bamboo Cotton Fabric, High Spring Count- Lumbar-Pedic Premium Core Support System, Sabs Approved- Orthopaedic Foam Support Layers
Bed Set
Bed Set
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R6099 NOW R5879  SINGLE 91cm  WAS R5899   NOW R4809
 3/4 107cm  WAS R6599 NOW R6419  3/4 107cm  WAS R6499   NOW R5349
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R7299 NOW R7059  DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R7199   NOW R5879
 QUEEN 152cm  WAS R7499 NOW R7269  QUEEN 152cm  WAS R7599   NOW R6199
 KING 183cm  WAS R9899 NOW R9629  KING 183cm  WAS R10399 NOW R8559
Mattress Only
Mattress Only
 SINGLE 91cm  WAS R4899 NOW R4709  SINGLE 91cm  WAS R4599 NOW R3739
 3/4 107cm  WAS R5299 NOW R5059  3/4 107cm  WAS R5199 NOW R4279
 DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R6099 NOW R5879  DOUBLE 137cm  WAS R5799 NOW R4709
 QUEEN 152cm  WAS R6199 NOW R5989  QUEEN 152cm  WAS R6299 NOW R5129
 KING 183cm  WAS R8099 NOW R7809  KING 183cm  WAS R8499 NOW R6949

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